Metal theft continues to rise. Unprotected  air conditioning units are easy targets for vandalism and copper theft. No business is safe! Schools, churches, retailers, office buildlings--any place with outdoor HVAC units are at risk.

Despite fluctuating copper prices that make the material more or less valuable in any given week, copper theft from air conditioning units has become an ongoing threat. For a few hundred dollars worth of metal (or less) thieves can trash units that cost you thousands. 

While no HVAC security cages are completely theft proof, they offer an excellent visual and physical theft deterrent.  Ours are constructed of 12 gauge steel tubing with welded seams, set into concrete pads and secured with solid, heavy duty locks. Destroying a security cage takes far more time than most thieves are willing to spend.

Our cages are powder coated for durability, and designed to provide easy access for service techs, and to prevent debris from accumulating around the unit. 

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We build both standard size and custom cages to suit all protection needs. When you contact us, we can assess what your needs are, and provide a free quote.