About Fortress Cages

Copper theft continues to be a global problem, with thieves targeting exposed air conditioning units at commercial and residential locations. Annual worldwide losses are calculated in the billions of dollars. The solution is an air conditioner cage, but thieves have watched this industry grow and some have become familiar with which brands are easiest to vandalize.


Fortress AC Cages are made of steel bars, rather than the more customary steel mesh, and are bolted to the cement pad beneath your a/c unit. Working with skilled welders, we’ve developed a cage that is nearly impossible to break into. Which means your expensive a/c units are safer with Fortress Cages than with many of the other cages on the market today.


We’ve designed our AC cages to be pleasing in appearance as well, so they don’t detract from the exterior of your building and your grounds. And they also keep debris from collecting on the top of your air conditioner, which helps the unit work better.


Copper and Aluminum Theft

Your air conditioner is packed with several feet of valuable copper tubing that can be removed in just minutes. Thieves hack open the air conditioner, remove the tubing and sell it on the growing market for copper.  You're left vulnerable to the outside temperature, and quite a few thousand dollars poorer. Some units may be repairable, but many will damaged so badly that replacement is the only option. Either way, it comes out of your pocket. Our Fortress Cages deter copper thieves, and offer you greater peace of mind.


Call us today for a free estimate. Let Fortress Cages defend your air conditioning units. And that will help defend your bottom line.



The Greene County Sheriff's Office has received several reports in recent weeks of thieves taking air conditioner units from businesses and vacant for sale homes. Copper and other recyclable metals seem to be the target of the thieves.

Owners are urged to take steps to secure such items and other metal appiances.





 This looks like payday to a copper thief




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